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Sexual Addiction

Cultivate Counseling LLC is owned and operated by Michael Wilson, LCSW, whom worked as a nationally Certified Problematic Sexual Behavior Therapist (CPSBT), trained through SASH – Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health in the areas of problematic sexual behaviors, sex addiction treatment and sex therapy.   Michael is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist (CMAT) trained through IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals).


Michael has devoted his professional practice and experience in treating issues such as erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction, sexual compulsivity, infidelity, pornography addiction, love addiction, and sex addiction within the Treasure Valley and across the State of Idaho through Telehealth


Problematic sexual behaviors, compulsive sexual behaviors and sexual addiction not only impact individuals, but partners, relationships and families. Michael is a Gottman Certification Candidate who has applied his training, experience and clinical approaches to supporting individuals challenged by addiction and other issues; partners of those challenged by addiction; and the core relationship. 

Michael has helped those from all walks of life with diverse and unique backgrounds.  Michael utilizes a psychotherapeutic approach that combines attachment theory, motivational interviewing, pro-dependence, and Compassionate Inquiry to provide individualized treatment and respect all races, religions and spiritual orientations, sexual preferences and orientations and will work diligently to help you to identify where your issues may be originating; how to address those issues; and, gain healthy insights and skills related to establishing or re-establishing healthy sexual behaviors and repairing, healing and revitalizing relationships.

We can help you establish a healthy sexual relationship with yourself and/or your partner.

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